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                                    Ms. O'Brien - September, 2020 - June, 2021


Homework and Reminders:

March 23, 2021,   Day 4

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to our Grade Two Webpage. Please visit our page and learn about the fun things that we are doing in Grade 2-1!
I will update homework and reminders here.  
Students are working hard and learning the routines of our class. I am excited for our new school year! 


Homework:   March 23rd, 2021, Tuesday.

Students are asked to read for ten minutes.  There are lots of great reading resources added to my Google Classroom.

Parent interviews are taking place by telephone on Monday, March 29th and by Google Meet on Tuesday, March 30th. Please book a time using OPTIS , which opened today.   I have contacted any parents who  have indicated to me that they would like to have a telephone interview, with a time.

Reading and review of Sight words.

Math:  Students have began addition to 100.  Please practice addition facts and review adding two digit numbers.

*Many students are in need of pencils. If you can check in with your child and see if they need their extra pencil stash replenished, that would be much appreciated.  Thank you.

Please ensure that students have a warm coat, snow pants, mitts, and hats and their boots for outside days.

Library Day is Day 5!  Please return any library books that you may have at home.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

You are welcome to browse the Fun Links tab at the top of the page if you would like to access some helpful educational websites.  I will be adding to these web links regularly.

Check this out!!   This is a helpful website to check out from the NLTA Learning at Home links:
from Scholastic:   There are different reading weekly assignments provided with books to read and listen to:

Curriculum outcomes are available on the following Government of Newfoundland-Labrador website:

**Access the NLESD new at home learning resource:

Learning at Home: Good at Learning-Good at Life 

The above NLESD website will be updated regularly with new links for your child to use.























Here is a general overview of some concepts we cover in each subject area:

Language Arts:    

- Students may like to read each day. They can access their Raz Kids accounts with their passwords already provided this year, as well they can utilize the websites: Epic and Storyline Online, which can be accessed for free online.  Please see Fun Links for links to these sites.

Some sample activities:

- Journal writing

-Students can write stories 

- Interview a family member

-Research a favorite topic (animal, sport athlete, place, etc.)

-Follow a recipe

-Write a letter/email to a friend






Math:   - could review basic facts in addition and subtraction to 18.  

We have began Unit 5 on addition/subtraction of numbers to 100. Students could practice operations of addition of two- digit numbers with and without re-grouping.    See Fun Links tab for suggested websites for addition and subtraction concepts.

General time line for Math:     March - April :   Addition and Subtraction to 100.

                                                 April- May:  Measurement

                                                 May-June:  Geometry











Current Unit:    Relative Position and Motion

Next Unit: Animal Growth and Changes

Social Studies

- Current Unit: Economics -    Could have child count money, identify wants and needs, earn money for jobs, and discuss how adults need to save for bills, etc.

Next Unit: Environments- Look at ways to protect our earth/conserve, recycling. Earth Day coming in April 22nd. Could create a list and plan to do things that will lessen trash -- litter less lunches, turning off lights in your home to conserve, recycle, etc.


May be a good time to review hand- washing, germs, coughing etiquette.

   Mindfulness and calming activities.  Go Noodle Website/You Tube.

Other topics: Dental Health, and Nutrition.


Easter/ How different cultures celebrate different important events. Good citizenship and helping others in their own family /community/globally.  

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

About me

Greetings parents and students! 

Please visit my page, as it contains important information for you.  Check out the fun learning activities by clicking on the "Links" tab.

A little about me:

I was born and raised in a small community on the Southern Shore,- Trepassey.  I have been working at Cowan Heights for fourteen years and I also spent time teaching in Trepassey and Catalina. 

I love to spend time with my family and friends.  I have a puppy named Rosie.  She keeps me busy outside of school. 

I really enjoy spending time with my students and watching them learn new things. They often teach me new things, too!